Ben Bay Beach

North Eleuthera beach: Ben Bay

This horseshoe-shaped beach looks like the perfect landscape you would find in a postcard.  It is not very far from Preacher’s Cave and is ideal for a picnic and snorkeling.

Without proper directions this little known gem would be almost impossible to find. So watch this video if you are planning to visit Ben Bay beach!

Tay Bay

Tay bay beach in Eleuthera

A must-see place when visiting historic Preacher’s Cave, this beach is long with powdery soft sand. Going to the right you will find a wide beach with several wonderful swimming areas. Going on your left, after climbing a rocky point, you can find two other smaller beaches.

Upper Cove Beach

current Eleuthera

Also in North Eleuthera, in the Current Settlement region you may stumble upon Upper Cove Beach, which is famous for its clear turquoise water and soft sand. The area is worth a visit for a picture at the old pier pilings and for swimming into the current cut, a narrow opening between two islands that produces a tidal current.