Central Eleuthera beaches: Alabaster Bay

This beach is also known as Receiver’s Beach (from the time when there was a US military base on the island) and extends for more than a mile from the south end of the Governor’s Harbour airport.

Being on the Caribbean side of the island, the water is usually calm and warm. It is also very shallow for a good distance out. The beach has powdery white sand and many trees for shade, so it’s an excellent picnic spot.

At the beginning of the beach you can find the Cocodimama restaurant and hotel, which is currently closed.

Driving directions

6.8 miles north of the Shell station in Governor’s Harbour, turn left at the paved road, where you see the sign for the Cocodimama Hotel. Then proceed for 0.1 miles on that road right to the beach.

Central Eleuthera beaches Alabaster Bay

Central Eleuthera beaches: Twin Cove Beach

This romantic place takes the name from two beaches separated by a tiny strip of land. The beautiful Twin Coves are surrounded by full grown palm trees and boast clear blue water. It’s a pleasant spot for some swimming, snorkeling and relaxing.

Driving directions

From the SHELL station in Governor’s Harbour, drive north for 1.6 miles until you see a large white building trimmed in blue, marked Workers House. There you turn right into the road going up the hill.

Leave the highway and continue up to the top of the hill. Cross a paved road and after a few yards go left at the fork and then downhill. Turn right at the T downhill and continue for 0.3 miles on a sand road. In a coconut grove there’s a house to your left. At the end of the garden turn left and walk the last few steps to the beach.

You can continue south on the sandy road to find even more beaches, but the road gets rougher as you travel south.

central eleuthera beaches twin cove

Club Med Beach, a.k.a. French Leave Beach

This beach, also known as French Leave Beach, was the location of a Club Med Resort until Hurricane Floyd did major damage to the resort in 1999. A new resort, named French Leave resort has been built on the old Club Med premises on the Governor’s Harbour side, the Caribbean side.

The beach, with its soft and pink sand, is one of the best locations in Central Eleuthera. It is very close to Governor’s Harbour (only 5 minutes by car) and the water stays fairly calm most of the time despite the fact that is an Atlantic side beach. The bottom of Club Med beach is sandy and remains shallow for a good distance.

Driving directions

Drive through Governor’s Harbour and watch out for the SHELL station to your right at the end of this small town. Continue for less than 100 yards and turn right at the small yellow building. Drive to the top of the hill and turn right. After 1.3 miles the beach access path is to your left.

Central Eleuthera beaches Club Med Eleuthera

Central Eleuthera beaches: Poponi Beach

6 miles south of Governo’s s Harbour, in North Palmetto Point you can find this reef-protected beach with soft pink sand. The place is full of palm and casuarina trees, so there won’t be a problem to find some shade if you need it.

Driving directions

4.9 miles south of the Shell station in Governor’s Harbour turn left into Church street, the main intersection right in between Palmetto Point North and Palmetto Point South. You will notice a store on either side of the main road. Proceed for 0.8 miles to a T-junction. There’s a huge silk cotton tree.

Turn right and go 0.3 miles. Then turn left onto a dirt road that goes uphill. Continue on that dirt road for 0.1 miles to a small parking area at the beach.
poponi beach Eleuthera

Double Bay

This long powdery soft pink sand beach in Central Eleuthera has many houses along it’s length but you can find a good access point at the very end of the road that runs parallel to the beach. The sand here is firm and good for taking long walks. The beach is on the Atlantic side and is actually five miles long and the northern three miles are part of the North Palmetto region.

If your time on the island is limited, you might want to visit Ten Bay, on the Caribbean side, on the same day, as they are pretty close together.

Driving directions

Coming from the North, 8.4 miles south of the SHELL station in Governor’s Harbour, turn left into a paved road.
Continue on this paved road – a narrow causeway with inland ponds on either side – for one mile to a gravel road. Turn right at the T and proceed for approximately one mile.
Then take the sand road to your left and go for 0.1 miles directly to the beach where you can park your car in the shade.

Double Bay Eleuthera

Ten Bay

This wide, sandy beach sits in a protected bay on the Caribbean side of Eleuthera. It is very nice and shallow at low tide. It is definitely a good choice for a picnic since there is plenty of room parking and a pleasant shade provided by the numerous palm trees dotting the shoreline.

Driving directions

3.7 miles south of the Palmetto Point crossroads, — the Sand grocery store there is on your right — turn right into a dirt road at the sign below. Proceed for 0.4 miles on the dirt track to the beach parking. The road is normally in pretty good shape and any car can handle it.
Ten Bay Eleuthera