Twin Sisters

North Eleuthera beach: twin sisters

A small beach but worth a visit for snorkeling and shelling. The name derives form the two large boulders in the water – they look like one but actually there are two of them. This beach is on the Caribbean side and very close to the Glass Window bridge.

Driving directions

Coming from the Glass Window bridge, after 0.4 miles start to look for two large boulders, then park. The beach is visible and easily accessible with a wide path down to the beach.

Gaulding Cay

Gaulding Cay beach

A quiet beach on the Caribbean side. Very close to Twin Sister beach, is a great place for a full day of swimming and snorkeling around the large rock in the water.

Driving directions

Coming south from Glass Window Bridge, watch for two yellow & white apartment buildings on the left: the road entrance to the beach is on your right.

Rainbow Bay

North-Central Eleuthera beaches: Rainbow Bay

One of the most popular beaches in North-Central Eleuthera. A perfect example of a Caribbean beach with clean water and softy sand, it is only two minutes away from BlueSkies cottage, our Eleuthera house rental.

Driving directions

One mile south Rainbow Inn, turn right into Wandering Shore Drive and continue for a quarter mile to the Rainbow Bay Park Site parking area. The Rainbow Bay area is actually is one of the few places where you can actually find street signs in Eleuthera, as it is maintained by the Rainbow by vacation home community (RBPOA).

Airport beach

airport beach Eleuthera

This beach on the Atlantic side is three miles long and it’s also called Navy beach since the US Navy used to have a base there. The place is ideal for long walks on its soft, powdery and pink sand.

Driving directions

To get there heading south, look for some orange poles and a thick orange rope and at 3 miles south of James Cistern Pier turn left onto a gravel road (Knowles Drive).