Your dream home is for sale!

eleuthera real estate for sale by ownerThe cottage is for sale: you are lucky! An Eleuthera real estate for sale by owner is not easy to find.

If you loved Eleuthera and want to spend more time on the Island why don’t you consider the idea of buying the BlueSkies Cottage?
Blue Skies has all the amenities required to make this cottage your home. This two bedroom, one bathroom cottage is well built and well maintained, with a fully landscaped garden.

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The property comes fully furnished with an impressive vaulted ceiling and a wraparound deck. The house has concrete walls with reinforced column structure and poured concrete belts, which is definitely the preferred option in the Bahamas because such kind of construction will require least maintenance and is most hurricane resistant.
It offers an open planned kitchen/dining/living room area which opens onto the deck, by way of sliding glass doors.
Important for Island living, this property also has a cistern as well as connection to city water.
Blue Skies has an impressive rental history since 2009, when it was constructed, and the sale is inclusive of this website and domain name.

Don’t forget that build a property in Eleuthera is quite lenghty and expensive. Therefore buying an existing property will save you a lot of a time and…money!

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